18 Tum Sityodtong (78-22-3) def. Ognjen Topic (28-18-2) 139 lbs via Unanimous Decision, 30-27×3.

17 Mark Marerro (10-4) vs. Dillan Joucoo (9-4) -140 lbs No CONTEST DUE TO ACCIDENTAL KNEE & Doctor Stoppage.

16 Joe Colon (7-1-1) def.  Dante Goldsmith (7-2) –  155 lbs via TKO in Round 1, at 0:57.

15 George Pitsakis (7-0) def.  Malcolm Hill (7-3-1) – 140 lbs via Knockout in Round 1, at 1:18.

14 Remi Singh (18-7) def. Al Henderson (5-0) –  155 lbs via Unanimous Decision 29-28×3.

13 Daniel Santiago (2-1) def. Omar Soltan (3-1) – 160 lbs via Unanimous Decision 29-28×3.

12 Eric Jung (5-5) def. Quinn Pakdeteeva (7-0) 155 lbs via Unanimous Decision 29-28×3.

11 Niki Lorinczy (5-4) def. Grace Aveen (4-1) 125 lbs via Unanimous Decision 30-27.

10 Greg Melina (4-1) def. Joe Merolla (4-3) -.150 lbs via TKO in Round 1 at 1:01

9 Josh Quintero (4-1) def. Arthur Dang (1-1) 132 lbs via Unanimous Decision 29-28×3.

8 (MMA) Chris Borders (1-4) def.  Sam Hoenig (4-1) -145 lbs via Unanimous Decision 30-27 x3.

7 Chris Joynt(2-1-1) def. Lacey Maloney(2-1) 155 lbs – via Unanimous Decision 30-27.

6 Marlon Wiprud (4-1) def. Risby Drayton (5-1) via Unanimous Decision 30-27×3 – 185 lbs

5 Jorge Quintanilla (1-0) def. Miguel Cruz (0-1) via Unanimous Decision 30-27 – 132 lbs

4 Heather Leon (2-5) def. Hangzhang Fang (0-1) via Unanimous Decision, 29-28×3. -125 lbs

3 Alma Vicencio (2-1) def. Hazelle Dongui-is (3-2) 107 lbs via Split Decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

2 (MMA)Hector Santana (1-0) def. Steve Lee (1-1) 155 lbs via Unanimous Decision 30-27×3.

1  Hannah Edmunds (1-0) def. Eva Kunkera (0-1)135 lbs via Unanimous Decision 30-27×3


Triumph Kombat 3 packed the Theater at Madison Square Garden last night. Total attendance was recorded at 3,042. Inside the world’s most historic arena, Triumph Kombat matchmaker, Eddie Cuello out did himself when constructing this incredible fight card. Triumph Kombat 3 was headlined by professional Muay Thai fighters, Tum Sityodtong and Ognjen Topic. The main event went the entire three rounds claiming “Fight of the Night” honors.

In the main event, Tum Sityodtong (Winner Muay Thai) showed the strength in his legs numerous times against the New Jersey resident, Ognjen Topic. Topic caught Sityodtong’s body kick several times, which was followed up by Topic kicking at Sityodtong’s planted leg. Each time Topic kicked the Thailand native’s leg, he fell over or had little to no effect in sweeping the Thailand champion. Sityodtong has tree trunks for legs. The man’s calves were the size of softballs.

before the start of his title bout.The Thailand champion had his way with Topic (North Jersey Muay Thai) through three three-minute rounds. Sityodtong improved his record to 78-22-3 with his title victory Friday night verse Topic (28-19-2). Topic showed excellent persistence inside the ring verse his highly experienced opponent but Thailand Muay Thai champion’s extensive experience showed last night inside the ring. He possesses 53 more bouts than his opponent Topic. The title fight took place at 139-pounds (Super Featherweight).

Sityodtong controlled every position in their battle last night. In the clinch, Topic searched for a sweep but found himself unsuccessful. Sityodtong though landed numerous knees to the body of the North Jersey Muay Thai fighter while in the clinch. As each round passed, the Winner Muay Thai fighter appeared to become stronger. This high paced fight left fans cheering for more action when the bell of the third round rung, concluding the bout. All three judges scored the bout for in favor of Tum Sityodtong by a score of 30-27.

The co-main event between Dillan Joucoo (9-4-1) and Mark Marerro (10-4-1) ended abruptly early in the first round after Marerro caught Joucoo with an accidental knee to the head (In amateur bouts, fighters can’t knee to the head.). The doctor inspected Marerro after taking the knee to his skull, and informed the referee he couldn’t continue. The United States Muay Thai Association referee, Alexius Pheonix did an excellent job of controlling the situation, protecting the hurt fighter from himself by not allowing the amateur to continue after doctors discretion and proved that his ABC training is making a difference. The fight resulted in a No Contest, therefore the title was not awarded to either fighter.

Joe Colon, of Law MMA (Longo and Weidman MMA), brought home a monster win last night at Madison Square Garden. He defeated Dante Goldsmith (Five Points Academy, NYC) in under a minute of the first round. The 155-pounder entered the ring with the Puerto Rican flag draped over his back, in addition to the flag printed on his shorts. It took very little time before the Puerto Rican fighter of Long Island found his overhand right. He connected with a big shot to the face of Goldsmith (Muay Thau Nation) sending Dante against the ropes. After shuffling his feet, and moving off the ropes, Goldsmith (7-3) found himself back up against the ropes on the other side of the ring where Colon delivered the finishing blow. Another overhand right that knocked the legs out from under his opponent. Referee Alexius Pheonix gave Goldsmith an 8-count before checking his gloves. The USMTA referee waved his hands in the air signaling the end of the fight. Colon earned his eighth victory in front of a sold out crowd. He improved to 8-1-1 in his amateur Muay Thai career.