Kru Joshua Aldridge


Joshua Aldridge is the instructor for the Muay Thai programs at the Combat Club Martial Arts and Fitness, in Jacksonville, NC.  Josh has been involved in Muay Thai for almost 20 years, and considers this art his calling. At a young age Josh was picked on a great deal because unlike most of his friends he wasn’t much for basketball, so he begged his parents to let him get into something more suitable. Soon after Josh began studying Muay Thai and Muay  Boran under Kru Rich Ianelli at Southern Elite Martial Arts and quickly fell in love with the royal sport. As he grew older, Josh maintained his love of Muay Thai and was introduced into wrestling at the age of 12.

Quickly realizing a love for individual sports, Josh spent most of his time throughout high school training for his two loves. Upon completion of high school Josh joined the U.S. Marine Corps and over the last 13 years has been blessed with the ability to train all over the world with a variety of teachers in Muay Thai and other traditional disciplines.

While stationed in Japan in 2001, Josh began competing almost weekly in events from Muay Thai bouts to K-1 style inter-disciplinary matches, but since 2006 has become more fond of coaching and teaching. Josh enjoy’s sparring with his training partners, and helping them to push themselves while continuing to develop his own skills. Having trained with excellent Muay Thai teachers from Paul Mateyo and the late Alex Gong to Pride veteran John Dixson, Josh enjoys combining the best of the many styles he has been blessed to train in and provide his students with a wealth of diverse knowledge.


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