Kru Vladimir Borodine

Kru Vladimir Borodine was born in the former USSR, today's Russia. From an early childhood he was participating in various sport activities.

He was a member of his school swimming team, a Regional Boxing Champion and at the age of 14 he started training in Kyokushinkai Karate. because of his natural talents, he moved in Karate very quickly, and by the age of 20 he was one of the most ranked Karate fighters in the USSR. His interests then moved onto the art of Muay Thai as a higher form of Martial arts. He founded the first USSR Muay Thai association and was excepted into the European Muay Thai Association.

 After Kru Vladimir had organized several Muay Thai tournaments and opened a net of gyms, he moved to Holland to study and came to the USA to teach in1991. Kru Vladimir is one of the first Muay Thai instructors who started his affiliation with the USMTA in the year the association was born.

Kru Vladimir Borodine is one of the oldest USMTA Trainers to date. Kru Vladimir has been representing the USMTA 'National' teams (Team Muay Thai-USA) all over the world, beginning in 1994 when the first USMTA Team went to Thailand, then went on to represent the USMTA in Australia, Japan, Holland, England, France and many more through the years including this year 2008 for the upcoming World Muay Thai Championships in Moscow, Russia in November.

Kru Vladimir along with other USMTA instructors went through the highest level of education in Muay Thai. He started with Grandmaster Thom Harnick in Holland in 1989, then he continued his studies wit some of the best world reknown trainers like Arjarn Tony Moore of the British Thai Boxing Council (BTBC), Marco De Cesaris of Italy and Hadj Bettahar of France. He continued his studying in Thailand staying at several camps. One of the famous camps for Muay Thai is internationally known as "Master Pimu Camp" in Bangkok, Thailand. At Master Pimu's camp, Vladimir was presented with his Kru - Instructors Diploma in the Muay Boran Style of Muay Thai. Through the years Kru Vladimir has continued to promote, train and instruct Muay Thai in the City of Brooklyn, New York at the famous Borodin's Muay Thai Gym.


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