Kru Samuel Adams

Sam Adams

Samuel F. Adams is the Founder and Head Instructor
Adams Muay Thai Academy of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.
TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS: Mr. Adams began training in the Martial Arts in 1983. After starting out in Tang Soo Do (now called Soo Bahk Do), Mr. Adams transferred to Gibson's Martial Arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma to study under the late Sifu Terry H. Gibson where he trained in Thai Boxing, Jun Fan Gung Fu/ Jeet Kune Do concepts, Kali Eskrima, Kali Silat, Maphilindo Silat, Mande Muda Silat,  Ground fighting and Western Boxing.

Mr. Adams began teaching under Mr. Gibson in 1989 earning awards as both an instructor and student including Top Attendance of the Year 1988, Thai Boxer of the Year 1992, and Instructor of the Year 1996. In 1994, he was promoted by Mr.Gibson to Instructor Level 1 and in 1995 to Instructor Level 2. After Mr. Gibson's death in 1997, Adams maintained his certifications in the Gibson curriculum (under the current Head Instructor, Darian Whittaker) and continued to train through seminars with some of the world's most prominent Martial Artists.

In 1993, Mr. Adams earned his Muay Thai Level 3 ( Instructor/Khuen Khru) Certification in the Thai Boxing Association under Ajarn Chai Sirisute, Founder and Head Instructor of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. In 1995, Mr. Adams  was promoted to Apprentice Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts and Jun Fan Gung Fu ( Bruce Lee's style) by the Great Guro Dan Inosanto.
In 2003, Mr. Adams was promoted to Associate Instructor of the TBA-USA, under Ajarn Chai.

In 2007, Khuen Khru Adams was promoted to Full Instructor of the TBA-USA by Ajarn Chai.
Active Member of TBA-SA Board of Directors
TBA-SA South Central Regional Fight Director

Khuen Khru / Guro / Sifu Adams continues to train and teach, stressing not just the physical elements, but mental, emotional and spiritual elements as well.

Mr. Adams competed in the Fairtex Classic, held September 27, 2003 at the River Plex in Peoria, Illinois. It was sponsored by Fairtex, the Thai Boxing Association, and the International Kickboxing Federation.

Mr. Adams  won the IKF North American Amateur Muay Thai Welterweight Title in 2003.
Khuen Khru Adams held a ranking of 3rd in the world under the IKF in 2003 and 2004.


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