Kru Hamza Maisonet Jr.

Kru Hamza  Maisonet Jr. has trained in various martial arts systems since the age of four. He is certified in the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Jujitsu, Yau Kung Mun and Muay Thai. Kru Hamza has been a two time professional kickboxing champion and is currently the USMTA Muay Thai champion in two different weight divisions.

Kru. Hamza was trained and certified by Kru. Yodtong Sennans's Sityotong Muay Thai Boxing Camp located 150 kilometers south of Bangkok just on the outskirts of the city of Pattaya In Thailand, and has received his instructors certificate from Kru. Yodtong Senanan.

He is a certified instructor and registered under the USMTA for further informaiton on Kru Hamza Maisonet, Jr. visit the website Kru Hamza Maisonet is currently ranked as: State and Regional Champion. Titles under the USMTA New York State Champion, Mid West Division Champion, Eastern Division Champion, Regional Champion and former USMTA Welterweight World Champion and a  Tri-State Champion under KICK, World Champion under the USKBA. Holds 30 Wins, and 2 Losses.


Instructor: Andre Gonzalez has been a student of the Maisonets’ Muay Thai Camp system for the past three and a half years.  As a chain student of the Camp, Andre studied privately from Kru Luis A. Maisonet Jr. and Kru Esteban Maisonet.  His training consisted of a where he continuously and vigorously trained and excelled as a voluntary full time recruitment into the Camp, student. He volunteered his time and talents to the camp and was able to achieve the level of assistant instructor in two years time.

  He then assuming the role of assistant instructor volunteered another year of his time to teach new students of the camp while also actively competing as an amateur fighter in various federation and sponsored events where he was nicknamed “The Hammer” Gonzalez with a record of 11 wins and 1 loss.   Andre was awarded a New York State welterweight semi-professional championship title.  

On August 30th 2003, during Maisonets’ Muay Thai Camps official promotion and exhibition day representatives of the USMTA visited the Camp while Andre was scheduled to be tested for his promotion.  On this day the USMTA along with Maisonets’ Muay Thai Camp officially certified Andre as an “A” Class fighter and a Kru/Instructor for both entities.  

Kru  Michael X. Allen from New York, USMTA   Title: New York Tri-State Middleweight semi-Professional champion title (Pro-Amateur)

Kru / Coach Rafael  Motolinia,  from New York, Ranked #1 in Junior Div. fighter under USMTA in all boroughs & Ranked #3 in the United States USMTA Super MiddleWeight Semi-Pro Champion

Kru Tyrone Neal  from New York,  Ranked #3 in NY  State, Welterweight Semi Professional League  in all boroughs  USMTA Champion

Kru Adam Cardona  from New York,  Ranked #3 in NY  fighters under USMTA in all boroughs  "Maisonets Champion"

Kru Miguel  Rivera from New York,  fighter under USMTA in all boroughs  "Maisonets Champion"State LightWeight Semi-Professional Championship title (Pro-Amateur)

Kru Jessica Maisonet  Ranked #1 in 5 NY Boroughs, #3 in US, IFMA & USMTA Lightweight  semi professional Tri-State Jr. Lightweight Champion. Jessica has  a record  of 17 wins and  1  loss and  two draws

Kru Brandon Maisonet  Ranked #1 in 5 NY Boroughs, #3 in US, IFMA & USMTA Superlightweight Tri-State Tri-State Champion. Brandons record is 22 wins 3 loss and 2 draws.

Kru Jonesly Theus  from New York,  fighter under USMTA in all boroughs Heavy weight Semi-Professional Division NY State Champion. Jonsley record is  7 wins and  1 loss  with 4 KO's

Kru Ronald Davies  from New York,  fighter under USMTA in all boroughs Super welterweight Semi-Professional Division NY State Champion. Ron has 10 wins 4 losses and  no draws.



Kru Stephen Strotmeyer  WKA US Amateur muay Thai Featherweight Champion. WKA US Amateur Kickboxing Lightweight Champion. USKBA Action Sports Lightweight Amateur muay Thai Champion  Battlegrounds muay Thai Lightweight East Coast Champion.



Kru Enos  McKoy
Kru Gilbert Vasquez,

Kru James Simrell: Head Coach at Gracie Sports Macarra BJJ Clarks Summit, PA.  Titles* Brown – Black Kruang / Kru Level in the art of Muay Thai at Maisonet’s Muay Thai Training Camp.   Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Master of Combat Sambo, Judo Brown Belt.


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