Kru Christopher M. Thompson

Kru Christopher Mychael  "The Turbine" Thompson Training History: . Began Training in 2000 . War Dog Muay Thai: Kru Daniel Crowson (Tennessee)  . Living Defense Martial Arts: Kru Daniel Dring (Arkansas)  . Prathet Thai Muay Thai Kickboxing: Ajarn Uhtit “David” Oudthone (Arkansas) . Institute of Martial Arts/ Kongo Do/ Round One Training Center: Kru Chuck Daly (Colorado) . Tool Shed Mixed Martial Arts: Kru Drew Lawrence (Colorado)

 Teaching & Coaching History: . Certified Kru (instructor) through the Prathet Thai Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym . Certified Kru (instructor level 2) through the United States Muay Thai Association . Colorado State Rep. for the USMTA 2005- . Martial Arts Instructor at Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan to deployed troops . Martial Arts Instructor at Balad Air Base, Iraq to deployed troops . Muay Thai Instructor/coach at Institute of Martial Arts /Kongo Do / Round One Gym

Muay Thai Organization Affiliations:United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA) . Thai Boxing Association of the USA (TBA)  . International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) . International Sport Karate/Kickboxing Association (ISKA)

 Martial Arts Awards: . 2003 IKF South Central Regional Middleweight Muay Thai Rules Champion (Walk-Over) . Prathet Thai Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym Smoker Champion . Colorado State Kick Down Welterweight Muay Thai Champion (07 Jan 06 to

Amateur Muay Thai Competition History: Wins-7, Lose-7, Draw-0, T.K.O/K.O-1

. (IKF) 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Championship Regional Tournament South Central Division #1 Memphis, TN (14 June 2003) International Rules-Leg Kick (William McLaughlin) . (IKF) Cow Town Rumble Overland Park, KS (21 Jun 2003) Muay Thai Rules (Michael Johnson) . (IKF) Memphis Kick Shoot Memphis, TN (7 May 2004) Muay Thai Rules (William Whitlow)  . (IKF) 2004 IKF USA National Amateur Championship Regional Tournament South Central Division #1 Memphis, TN (12 June 2003) Muay Thai Rules (William Whitlow) . (IKF) Modern Ring Sport Clear Channel Metroplex Littlerock, AR (17 July 04) Muay Thai Rules (Jared Tillman) .  (IKF) 2004 IKF Amateur North American Classic Tournament Orlando, FL (13-15 Aug 04) Muay Thai Rules (Scott Clark) .  (IKF)  Rock Mountain Bad Boyz/Masters of the Mat Golden, CO (23 Oct 04) International Rules (Lloyd Hansel)

. (ISKA) Kick Down # 14 Denver, CO (13 Nov 04) Muay Thai Rules (Don Lee) . (ISKA) Kick Down #17 Denver, CO (02 April 05) Muay Thai Rules (Will Robinson) . (ISKA) Kick Down #20 Denver, CO (17 Sept 05) Muay Thai Rules (Rob Graff) . (ISKA) Kick Down #22 Denver, CO (07 Jan 06) Muay Thai Rules (Patrick Cox) . (IKF) 2006 IKF Amateur World Classic Tournament Cedar Rapids, IA (28-30 July 06) Muay Thai Rules (Dean Durrant) . (ISKA) Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz/Muay Thai Madness Denver, CO (12 Aug 06) Muay Thai Rules (Patrick Cox)  . (ISKA) Kick Down #29 Denver, CO (30 Sept 06) Muay Thai Rules (Alex Whipple)

Kru Christopher Thompson also has studied other disciplines, Tang So Do, 1st Dan, Olympic style Tae Kwon Do 2nd Dan,


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