Kru Bill Dyer



Bill Dyer is a traditional Martial Artist and family man. While growing up in 1970ís New Jersey, Bill Dyer had to learn how to take care of himself to survive, almost everyday he would have to fight on the streets. Inspired by Bruce Lee movies, Bill Dyer started on his journey to master the martial arts, of which he believes, take five lifetimes to master.

While at college he trained in Boxing and Wrestling for scholarships, and by the 1990ís was on his way to the USKBA; however, after an accident that left him partially blind in one eye his hopes of becoming a K-1 fighter were crushed.

After years of training in Muay Thai, Kenpo, and Submission grappling, Bill Dyer earned instructor certifications and moved on to train and corner several MMA fighters. Today, Sensei Bill Dyer is focusing on advancing his studies in Muay Boran, Muay Chao Cherk, and Muay Pram with SakSitHaawk Pontawee Camp International.

Sensei Bill Dyer has several Black Belts in Kenpo Karate, Weapons, and Combat Kenpo to name a few, a certified personal trainer and holds Blue Belts in BJJ and one in Pancrase USA.

Sensei Bill Dyer has also trained several members of Law Enforcement and Military in Martial Arts Self Defense. In his spare time he likes to raise money for needy families and charities.


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