Kevin Hrcka


..Our Sincere Condolences..

On January 18th, a young Queens boy, Kevin Hrcka only 13 years old, made a tragic mistake that ended his life. Kevin Hrcka went to meet his father, Mr. Robert Hrcka, who was supposed to get off work about 1 p.m.  at a  building site, when the 13-year-old went off to drive a forklift that had keys left in it and was crushed to death when the 5,000-pound machine flipped over. Kevin Hrcka hopped onto the red forklift on the grounds at the site while his dad changed clothes near the end of his shift. Using the keys left in the ignition, Kevin revved the forklift's motor and then went forward about 100 feet before attempting to turn right. The vehicle spun out and flipped, crushing young Kevin. 

Within moments, several workers at the site rushed to pull the 4-foot-by-10-foot vehicle off the youth. The workers lifted it up with another forklift, but it was already too late,  young Kevin had died at the scene.

 Funerals are expensive and the family of young Kevin Hrcka cannot afford the proper burial they want to give their son. The community board of Queens, New York is holding a fundraising event with Wolf's Taekwondo:  
6226 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, New York 11385. 
You can call the gym and speak to Mr. Wolf.  He can give you more further details that you might need.  The phone number there is 718-418-8412. 

 Young Kevin was a fighter and has fought on several USMTA events.  He showed talent and was respected by his opponents. It has been said that Kevin was extremely well behaved. He was the definition of a "good kid". We will miss him......

Any offering to the family of Kevin Hrcka, no matter how small, is definitely welcome. Donations by mail will also be accepted at the given address. You can also send any donations to the USMTA  and make checks payable to: Mr. Robert Hrcka, Kevin's father.

Referee Joel Bekker, Master Wolf, of  Wolf's Tae Kwon Do, Kevin Hrcka and  opponent Paul Kanopka  at the  March 24th  USMTA event.

Keven Hrcka and  his  opponent  Paul Kanopka  in the March 24th Muay Thai bout

Kevin Hrcka demonstrates his flexibilty.


If anyone would like to post their condolences to this page for Kevin Hrcka,  please  email them to:

The President of USMTA, on behalf of it's members wish to express its sincere condolences to the family of Kevin Hrcka.

The  National Director of The Native American League (NAL) would  like to  send its condolense to the family of Kevin Hrcka.

The Members of Team Samingdum of Oklahoma wish to send their regards to the family of Kevin Hrcka.

The President of the First Nations Muay Thai Council, of Canada, all of it members wish to send their sincere condolences to the family of Kevin Hrcka.  
Condolences from the British Thai Boxing Council. UK
Sincere condolences from Kru Connell Kerr, TX
Sending our condolences from Roaring Lions

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