Kru James Pruitt

Kru James Pruitt began studying Tae Kwon Do, and Free Style Martial Arts at the age of 9 in Fairfield, Texas, under a private instructor by the name of George Brown. He studied 7 days a week for one year until his  family moved to Tampa Bay, Florida. 

There he met and became friends with  Jerry Littlesnake. He began studying under Mr. Littlesnake and was taught Black Dragon Korean Style Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Kempo, and Arnis.

  He received a third degree black belt under Mr. Littlesnake.  Throughout his career he has studied with various people, including five time World Kickboxing Champion Dale "Apollo" Cook. He became U.K.F. Mid West Champion in 1992 while under the direction and management of Dale Cook.

In 1994 he also became the M.T.K.  USA Muay Thai Kickboxing champ He joined the USMTA and became a OK State Rep., before relocating back to TX where he vigorously continues to promote the art of Muay Thai.

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