Kru Brandon Maisonet

Brandon L. Maisonet Before his beginning or his father's Kru Hamzah Maisonet aka Luis. The famous Sityodtong camp in Pattaya City, Thailand is widely regarded as #1 destination of fighters, trainers and students of Muay Thai all over the world. Sityodtong is owned and operated by former champion and Muay Thai legend Kru Yodtong Senanan, who is acknowledge

by the kingdom of Thailand as the #1 conservator of Mae Mai Muay Thai.

Kru Yodtong is known for his mastery techniques and proven ability in building world champions. Samart Payakarun, was among the most feared fighters through out Thailand and the rest of the world and many other fighters such as Kru Hamzah Maisonet, who has been traveling to Sityodtong camp in Pattaya city since 1986 and has fought in Stadiums such as Rajadamnern Stadium and aboard outside Thailand.  Kru Hamzah Maisonet, was certified by Kru Yodtong Senanan as a Kru under Kru Yodtong Senanan in 1995.

Brandon's father had been training him as far as he can remember. He has been fighting without shin guards since the age of 7, and was not taught any other form of martial arts. Brandon states that he did not have much of a childhood but lived, eat, and dined  Muay Thai. He has fought in many shows under the USKBA, IFMA, PKF, WKA, and the USMTA. He acquired a record of 39 wins, 6 Draws, and 4 loses, and was the former Tri-State and New York State Champion, he became Ranked #1 in the five boroughs and Ranked # 3 in the nation.

Brandon  became a Kru under Kru Hamazah and Kru Esteban since 2005. He was also tested and received his Kru-ship under the USMTA in 2005. He has currently been instructing Muay Thai at the Maisonet's Muay Thai Headquarters in Tobyhanna P.A, along beside his father, and still residing him P.A.  two days out the week. He also instructs Muay Thai at the Iron Roosters Muay Thai in New York.

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