Kru Allisha Gonzalez

Kru Allisha Gonzalez  Kru Allisha's objective is to help develop self-assured practitioners of Muay Thai who can independently and freely practice the art of Muay Thai without fear of making mistakes. Kru Allisha also seeks to develop a trust-worthy, long-lasting relationship with every student that is built on respect. Kru Allisha's disposition keeps the study of an ancient art concurrently interesting, and entertaining.
 She believes that the best way to learn is through teaching and always considers her students' ideas, suggestions, and opinions. Kru Allisha encourages student creativity in the practice of Muay Thai. She believes that Muay Thai not only prepares the student to fight, but also prepares the student for life.
Kru Allisha earned her title of "Kru" under Kru Hamza Maisonet (a.k.a. Kru Luis Maisonet) and Kru Esteban Maisonet of the Sityodtong lineage from Thailand. Kru Allisha has also been practicing various martial arts and self-defense techniques under the instruction of her husband, Kru Jilani "G" Gonzalez, for over 15 years. She trains fervently and spars frequently. She constantly pushes herself to the limits by training with large, stronger training partners. With over a decade of experience working for a large, global bank, Kru Allisha is well-experienced dealing with people of many disparate backgrounds and from many parts of the world. She easily and effectively adapts her teaching and her communication to meet the specific needs of each individual student.
An avid lover of the "arts" (martial arts), Kru Allisha continues to refine and hone her Muay Thai skills and expand her competencies in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, and Tactical Self-Defense. An avid lover of languages and culture, Kru Allisha currently speaks English, Spanish, and French, and has been developing fluency in Portuguese, Italian, and German. A life-long learner, Kru Allisha continues to pursue knowledge of applied kinesiology, exercise science, and nutrition. Kru Allisha encourages the development of the body and the mind.


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