Kru Phon Narpai

Kru Phon is one of the head trainers at Santai Muay Thai. Kru Phon started training in Muay Thai at the age of 15, and his former trainers immediately discovered his raw talent, and he was a promising up and coming fighter. When Kru Phon became good enough, he left his home town in Lumphun, and went to train and fight at the famous Pinsinchai Gym in Bangkok.

Phon had a great career fighting in Bangkok. He fought amongst top fighters and moved up the ladder of top fighters, eventually becoming a top fighter and champion himself. Kru Phon is a Lumpinee Stadium Champion, and was also ranked #2 at Lumpinee Stadium. Kru Phon became a famous and legendary fighter when he was in his prime, in his 20’s, and Muay Thai enthusiasts from the days when Phon used to fight still speak of him, and remember how great of a fighter he was. Kru Phon is a specialist at seeing openings in his opponents and quickly attacking them, and this is what everyone knew him for – his speed. Phon also has a twin brother named Lop, who was also a Muay Thai star alongside Phon. They were known as the Muay Thai fighting twins, and again, are both remembered till this day all around Thailand.

Kru Phon is dedicated to teaching Muay Thai, and loves teaching and passing down his knowledge and techniques of Muay Thai down to his students and fighters.

Stats & Fight Record:


•46 years of age

•200 Fights, 180 Wins

•Lumpinee Stadium Champion

•Lumpinee Stadium #2 Rank


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