Kru Kevin Jalique

Kru Kevin Jalique was born on the US Territory of Guam partially raised there and California.  My parents came to Guam at a young age from the Philippines.  My father joined the US  Army right after he graduated high school.  I was fortunate to live the life of an Army brat which brought me to California at a very young age around the late 80's.  Coming from Guam to Southern California was a culture shock.  I got involved with gangs at an early age (Elementary/ Middle School).  I got into more trouble with

 the law and was sent back and forth from Guam to California. Finding my way back to California led me into the gang life again.  I was at a very low point in life when I found Muay Thai. I was fascinated with Muay Thai since watching Bloodsport as a kid (Paulo Tocha). I went with a friend of mine to watch my first Muay Thai - Kickboxing fight in Los Angeles.  The main event featured a Thai fighter by the name of Pongsan Ekyotin. Once I saw him land a "flying knee" I was hooked. A year or so later I found Pongsan's gym, Ekyotin Gym. At the time it was located in the city of Huntington Park in Los Angeles.  I joined the gym and a month later I had my first fight under Kru Pong.  All my fights after that were under the Ekyotin flag.  Muay Thai has helped me succeed in life in many positive ways, not just in the ring.  My path in life eventually led me back home to Guam.  I continue to pay homage to Kru Pong with my gym here, Guam Muay Thai Ek-Yotin. 


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