Kru Hakimi A. Wais

I have been taking Martial Arts for over 33 years inside and outside of the United States.  I am a 3rd Dan Black Belt and currently working on my 4th Dan Black Belt.  I enjoy the art of Martial Arts and currently teach students of all ages for over 12 years.  I have been nominated to skip a Dan and promoted for 5th Dan sponsored by NCTA.  I am a Muay Thai instructor and was certified by Scott Sullivan and an American Kickboxing instructor certified by Eric Marshall.  I can speak the following languages German, Russian, Indian, Persian and English.



Wais Martial Arts Academy, Tracy, CA       12/09 Present


        Teach students of all ages on Poomsae, Kyoroogi, World Taekwondo Federation, Kukkiwon curriculum, traditional Taekwondo and self-defense. Instruct and test individuals who are working on obtaining their Black Belts

        Teach Muay Thai to adults


Northern California Taekwondo Association         Board Member/ Badge#118          11/11

California Unified Taekwondo Association           Member /Badge#134                     12/09

United States Muay Thai Association                     Member/ Badge#566111-CA       05/10

Bujinkan Dojo with Masaaki Hatsumi                    Member                                     01/08-12/08


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