Kru Glenn Scott

Kru Glenn Scott is a Muay Thai fighter and instructor from Lancashire, England. He is the founder and President of Morecambe Muay Thai Association.  He teaches Thai history, entertainment, and currently has trained several fighters and instructors throughout the United Kingdom.  Kru Glenn Scott is a certified 10th Khan Instructor under Master Sken. Kru Glenn is also a Lumpinee stadium fighter, and Thai military historian.

“I discovered Muay Thai at 15 years of age and joined the World famous Master Sken Sitnarong International Muay Thai Association in April 1991. Training under Master Sken and his senior instructor Sandy Holt at Bolton Thai Boxing Club for many years gave me the discipline to aim to become an instructor myself. Working through all TEN grading’s from White 1st Karn all the way to Red 10th Karn in front of Master Sken took years of training, and now I can honestly say it was the best achievement of my life.”

 Kru Glenn joined NAI KHANOM DTOM as a trainee instructor and fighter. During this time Kru Glenn found himself teaching Muay Thai classes in Bolton, England, organizing Muay Thai events, and passing on his knowledge of Muay Thai history.

Kru Glenn has fought throughout the UK and Thailand. Most recently he fought in Lumpinee Stadium, Thailand, and felt at home in the military Muay Thai stadium.

“Even though I have fought in both the United Kingdom and Thailand, I do believe Muay Thai to be the greatest sport in the World; however, I personally chose Muay Thai for self defense and military history,”

Kru Glenn Scott plans to visit Muay Thai events throughout the United States, in hopes of bringing awareness of the military history behind Muay Thai.


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