Kru Chico Santiago

Chico Santiago spent 23 years in the US Navy, he finished in the top 10 in Field Medical School.  He earned his Fleet Marine Force pin early in his career with the Navy and has 6 deployments oversees with the US Marine Forces. Chico began his fighting career in 2001 when he started training in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Training Program (MCMAP). After successfully completing all requirements he was awarded the

rank of Black Belt Instructor Trainer. This experience motivated him to expand his Martial Arts knowledge into Muay Thai and Boxing. He began competing in several local events and decided that he wanted to join the ranks of the MMA community. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was next on the list to learn, and he did just that. He trained with friends in the evening and on weekends but it quickly developed into a full time training regiment. At the time, the belting system was not an issue, he simply wanted to learn everything he could about MMA.

Chico has always been a competitive athlete; competing in several Tri-athelon competitions and participating in the Marine Corps Marathon.  He has competed in the Warrior's Road March charity and went on to win the Corpsman Cup which is the equivalent of the Iron Man competition for Marines.

Chico's MMA career includes participating in over 32 MMA events and as a participant as Corner-man in 39 fights.  He has participated in events such as Ruckus in the Cage, Jaw Breakers promotions and Fight Labs, and is well known in the industry. 

2nd Degree Black Belt in MCMAP

Purple Belt Under Saulo Ribeiro BJJ

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Pro MMA fighter and 2 time Heavy Weight Champion


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