Kru Extreme Lacosta

Kru Extreme grew up in the 1970's on the mean streets of New York City's Lower East Side Bowery. A large part of my adolescence was spent in the 12th Street Boxing Gym as a sparring partner for teenage competitors of the Golden Gloves.

I practiced under numerous great masters including Chaka Zulu and Ron Van Clief, the Black Dragon. Master Chaka Zulu, who now teaches Zujitsu (an art created by Zulu) was my first master.

Extreme Lacosta has trained diligently in twelve different martial arts, studying many from Western boxing, Chinese boxing, Grappling, the Wing Chung, Hingse Ba Gua, and Sayoc Kali, (art of the blade under Christopher Castaneda Sayoc, Sr.). Lacosta was a natural in the art of Muay Thai, though, actually discovering Muay Thai while in a street fight in his adolescent years. He was using elbows and knees. Elbow striking seemed like a common sense tactic to Lacosta. Consequently, this revelation resulted in many victorious fights.

While training under Tom Bisio, an internal master and bone setter, Extreme learned locking and trapping techniques. He learned how to use inner strength through the Ba Gua. He has been called the 'elbow specialist'.

In 1981, Extreme earned his black belt in Chinese Goju under Sensei Alfredo Rodan.
In 1992, he earned his black belt in American Freestyle under the late John Black. Extreme thanks his masters and instructors for their time and knowledge but credits himself as being an independent and self-taught martial artist.

In 1992, he designed his own complete martial arts system known as "The Extreme Muay Thai 1 through 9 System". The art is based to a great extent on the principles of traditional Muay Thai and incorporates Grappling, American Freestyle, Arnis, and a number of techniques from the other martial arts styles listed above. Extreme Muay Thai is unique in that it strongly emphasizes the use of internal power, or power generated from the use of one's center.
Extreme Lacosta is currently training with the open-minded Rodrigo Gracie, two-time Pride winner and part of the Gracie legacy. Lacosta is looking forward to competing in a no holds barred competition in the near future.

Extreme would also like to mention that his record would be undefeated if not for a fight he took on while injured with a broken toe, pinched nerve and a tear in his rotator cuff. He lost the fight by a decision. He only took the fight because he felt obligated after selling $5,000 worth of tickets. If asked if he would like a rematch he responds, "Why would I want to fight someone who couldn't take me out with one arm and all my other injuries?


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