Kru Doug Owens

Doug Owens of Tiger Muay Thai Hawaii, trained Muay Thai in Buffalo New York for 12 years. Moved to Hawaii in 2006. Opened Tiger Muay Thai October 2007. Since opening Tiger Muay Thai, had a seminar featuring Arjarn Tong Trithara. Doug grew up in Hawaii.  After graduating from Baldwin High School in Maui, Doug moved to New York where he learned Kickboxing from Kevin Roser.  Later he found a new love, Muay Thai. 

 Doug trained Muay Thai under Kru Anthony Mills.  As life progressed Doug had to make a decision of family or Muay Thai.  Doug chose family and a career.  Doug became one of the top four chefs in Buffalo.  Doug’s creativity and knowledge led him to an ultimate achievement of being an  Owner/Executive Chef of two restaurants in Buffalo.  There he met his second wife, Naomi, who is from Hawaii.  They decided to pack it up and leave Buffalo and go home.

In October of 2007 the two opened up Tiger Muay Thai.  Doug is the overseer of the training of the students.  While Naomi takes care of the business side of the gym.  In June of 2008 they were fortune to have a seminar featuring Ajarn Tong.  He’s gave Doug and Naomi the honor of teaching Muay Thai.

With the help of Arjarn Tong and the USMTA, Doug and Naomi hope to bring traditional Muay Thai Competitions to Hawaii.

Naomi Owens, Married Doug Owens July 7, 2007 Manager and Beginners Class Trainer. Naomi had no martial arts training and started to learn from Doug.  As the number of student increased in numbers, Naomi took over the responsibility of training the beginners class and Doug worked with the intermediate and advance students. During the day Naomi works as a truck driver for ABF Freight.  She is also a mother of two children, Natasha and Kainoa.


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