Kru Clodfelter

Clodfelter Bio: “Train your body Smarter not Harder” is the training and fitness philosophy of Professional Muay Thai and Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Chris Clodfeter.  A Certified Strength and  Fitness Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association, has used his knowledge of Fitness to fuel his passion, teaching and competing in the martial arts. 

     Kru Chris Clodfelter - was one of the first Professional Muay Thai and MMA fighters in the state of North Carolina. He has traveled and competed all over the United States from Atlanta to Las Vegas and the Carolinas down to Florida. Between Muay Thai and MMA, Clodfelter has over 35 fights under his belt, and is a two-time title holder, winning both the United States Muay Thai Association’s 155lb Pro Title Belt and the Circle of Fury World Welterweight Pro Title Belt in dramatic fashion.

     He is still an active competitor in professional Muay Thai and MMA training under his coach, International Muay Thai Champion and World Class Trainer, Kru Aaron “the Ghost” Fisher. Clodfelter has fought some of the best fighters from some of the top camps and was a chosen alternate on Season 12 of the hit Spike TV reality show The Ultimate Fighter.

     Even though he loves testing himself in the ring. Sharing the beauty of the art of authentic Muay Thai to the public is Chris' true passion. He is the only certified Kru (Head Instructor) in the Winston Salem triad area.

      He is certified through the United States Muay Thai Association as well as the World Professional Muay Thai Association in Bangkok, Thailand. As a coach and trainer, Chris has led many aspiring fighters up the ranks to win local and national competitions and has worked with countless individuals sharing his passion and helping them learn the secrets to this ancient art in a safe, efficient, and fun way.

     He also holds black belts in American Combat Jiu Jitsu, and Freestyle Karate.


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