Arjarn Clint Heyliger

USMTA President and founder

Arjarn Clint Heyliger, is the founder of the USMTA, (United States Muay Thai Association) the AMTJRA (American Muay Thai Judge & Referee Association) and the AMTO, ( American Muay Thai Officials) has been a veteran of martial arts for 39 years. He has studied several martial arts disciplines including Shotokan, Judo, Kendo, Kung-Fu (Black Tiger system), Muay Thai and Muay Chao Cherk,  under instructors, Sken, Ronnie 

Green , Tony Moore.  Has been recognized by the late Arjarn Sammai Grandmaster of Buddhai Sawan Institute of Swordsmanship, of Bangkok. is credited with pushing the USMTA to the forefront of American Muay Thai, became a member of the WMTC, (World Muay Thai Council) WMTF, (World Muay Thai Federation)   AMTAT, (Amateur Muay Thai  Association) WAMTO. (World Amateur Muay Thai Organization)  He is currently the only U.S. instructor in the rare 'Chun Ghoy ' Combat fighting system taught by the late Grandmasters Louis and Thomas Reed.

 He specialized in blade training and combat  concepts qualified in CQB , has instructed members of the DEA and NYPD , Navy Seals, and Federal Officers of the Justice Department. He has been employed as a 'Professional bodyguard',  and is  currently a member of the diplomatic corp. Member of the CBKBT "Hall of Fame", received the ABI "Man of the Year " 2002. 


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