Kru Chris Beasley


Kru Chris Beasley  A 5th Level Black Sash in Sil Lum Kung Fu / 4th degree black belt Shaolin Kempo under 1989-1992 World Heavyweight Koushu Champion Sigung Rusty Gray 10th level black sash. Sidithalaw Muay Thai Instructor under Kru Rick Caudle. R.A.T instructor under Sifu Rick Caudle. USA Boxing coach, I have studied Chinese Kick-boxing, Taekwondo,Aiki-Ju-jitsu, BJJ , Shootfighting, Submission Wrestling and Wado-Ryu Karate.

I am also a certified Muay Thai judge and referee under the USMTA & AMTJRA. I am a state Representative for Kentucky and Tennessee. ISKA Tn Representative.

Striking coach for Armbar MMA in Mt Juliet Tn, former coach at SSF Submission Academy in Clarksville Tn, and Boxing and Muay Thai coach for Sun Tzu/ Stone Warriors Combat Sports. Currently training several Pro MMA fighters and approximately 60 amateur MMA fighters. Several Amateur Muay Thai fighters and 10 Full Contact kick boxers, and several amateur boxers.

Coach of Chase Beasley WKKO 130lb National Kick Boxing Champion, 2009 119lb Tn State Silver Gloves Champion. Coach of Caleb Plant IKF 2009 Super-Middle Weight World Champion Kick Boxer, 2009 175lb Tn State Silver Gloves Champion, and Joseph Parrish 2008,2009 147lb Tn State Silver Gloves Champion. Chris  also became coach of the 2009 USMTA World Amateur Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion James "Nick"Nickerson.


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