Arjarn Anthony Garcia


After over 25 years of dedication to the Art of Fighting, Muay Thai, and other Martial Arts, Grand Master Toddy proudly awarded Anthony Garcia the title of Arjarn "Master" of Muay Thai. Arjarn Garcia is now recognized as one of only 5 non Thai Muay Thai Masters in the United States. He is also one of the very few Instructors worldwide who possesses 3 Arjarn titles from 3 different Muay Thai Grand Masters in Thailand, the Mecca of Muay Thai. 

All rankings were officially witnessed and signed by the Thai Governing body, the Muay Thai Council, a division of the Thai Government. 

Muay Thai has always been a passion for Arjarn Garcia whom is honored to have received such a prestigious award by Grand Master Toddy and the government of Thailand. Dee Mak (good work) Arjarn Garcia!


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