Kru Adrianne Kinsella

Adrianne Kinsella the Canadian Vice President of the First Nations Muaythai Council (the Canadian branch of the Native American Muay Thai Association, or NAMTA), as well as Canadian Vice President of the International Combat Sports Association (ICSA).

DOB: September 10, 1969  Height: 5'4"  Weight: 138 lbs  Nickname: L'il Angry Gloves

Certifications :
Muay Kru Yai ( Senior Instructor of Thai Boxing )  Women's Self Defense Instructor
Phu Chuai Kru ( Assistant Instructor of Muay Chao Cherk ) Polemistis ( Purple Belt in Pankration Athlima ). Also trained in Northern Shaolin, Yang T'ai Chi, Chi Kung, Jiu-Jitsu and North American Kickboxing

Competition Debut : Canada vs USA II ( full contact kickboxing ), Hull, Quebec, Feb 2, 2003

Other Accomplishments : Silver Medalist, 2004 Ottawa Ultramarathon Championships ( 104 km in 24 hours ) 2005 Canadian Muay Thai Champion


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